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    • Smooth shaving double edge razor blade
    • Stainless steel
    • Platinum-chrome coating for comfort

    When trying to find the perfect blade, you have to keep an open mind. So, if you see the name BIC and you have flashbacks to multiple blade cartridges or ball-point pens, then clear your mind. It is time to reset. BIC has a long history of producing consistent, quality products. So, look again. You might just be seeing your new favorite steel.

    These are traditional double edge blades - stainless steel with chrome-platinum coating. They are known through-out the wet shaving world as smooth shavers. If you want to ditch the irritation, check out these classics. They fit all standard DE razors. Since finding the right blade for your razor is a very subjective experience, grab these blades in a circumspect 5 blade pack. If you find that you love them, get them in the economical 100 pack.

    Size: 20 packs with 5 blades each.

    Made in Greece.

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