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    • Special edition beard comb from Big Red Beard Combs
    • Makore outer layers, maple inner layers
    • Laminated technology for strength and durability

    If you are looking for a beard comb as epic as your face forest, then you are in luck. Whip this out of your pocket and the ladies will swoon and men will gnash their teeth in envy. When you "live and die by the beard", you need this grooming utensil to declare it to the masses. Get Big Red Beard Comb No.5, Live & Die by the Beard, Special Edition, Makore.

    Rick, crafter of combs, began fashioning his styling aids when he first started growing his big red beard. He discovered that the plastic comb he was using just didn't cut it. There was no warmth or personality and it created static. So, he headed to his workshop (he is a furniture maker) and using his medium of choice, he crafted a wooden comb. Trial and error led to a strong, flexible, beautiful tool for beard wearers. Their No. 5 combs are perfect to keep in a pocket so you can stay groomed. And this special edition is emblazoned with "Live & Die by the Beard" and crossed axes, a nod to lumberjacks (and their beards).

    With Big Red Beard Combs you get

    • laminated technology for a strong, flexible comb
    • outer layer of Makore, inner layer of maple
    • ideal for short or medium length
    • static resistant
    • packaged in a protective, recyclable slip

    Size: 2 1/8in long x 1 7/8in wide

    Made in Canada

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