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    • Handcrafted wooden comb for your beard
    • Beautiful walnut, with maple inner layer
    • Laminated technology for strength and flexibility


    Big Red Beard Combs are crafting such a beautiful product that if you didn't already have a beard you would want to grow one just so you could own this product. No kidding! These handcrafted marvels were inspired by the artisan's background in furniture making and beard growing. Since he found that his plastic comb was boring and created static, Rick literally went to his workshop to produce a better product. He succeeded. Checkout Big Red Beard Comb No.7, Walnut.

    This lovely piece of craftsmanship is suited to any beard style. It boasts the most teeth of any of their combs and it has a handle for a secure grip. Like all their combs, it is sized for on-the-go, but this one isn't recommended to be carried in your pocket. It uses a laminated technology for strength and durability - but it isn't strong enough to resist your derriere. The 5-ply laminate technology has developed over time to give you the strongest, yet most flexible utensil they can. It has maple inner layers and walnut outer. The beautiful grain and dark hue of the walnut is stunning. The combs are 100% natural lumber from Canada.

    When you get a Big Red Beard Comb, you get

    • walnut outer, eastern maple inner - creating a maple 'pinstripe'
    • laminated technology for strength and flexibility
    • ideal for all beard lengths
    • static resistant
    • protective, 100% recyclable, resealable packaging

    Size: 4 1/2" long x 7/8" wide

    Made in Canada