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    • Restores hair's natural shine by using lemon fruit extract to add luster
    • Made with hair repairing agents to combat the harmful effects of the sun and pollution
    • Creates a healthy scalp


    Lions have their glorious manes and peacocks have their extravagant feathers with which to flaunt and woo the females. These are some examples of characteristics that nature has given each male animal to tantalize the crowd. But how do human males capture the crowd? Some may say that it's through their perfectly sculpted bodies; but as much as men would not like to admit it, men also rely on the look and condition of their hairstyle. This is because the condition of your hairstyle can easily change how you look and quickly turn the heads of passers-by. This is the reason why Billy Jealousy created the Billy Jealousy Travel Cashmere Coat Conditioner.

    This product was designed specifically to revitalize and restore your hair's natural strength and shine which is damaged due to the harmful effects of the sun, wind, pollution, and even your lifestyle. It's made with ingredients like quaternium-18 which serves as a super conditioner and a repairing agent for your hair and scalp. The formulation is also enriched with lemon fruit extract which helps keep your hair's natural luster. With this product, you'll never have to worry if your hairstyle is damaging your tips because you know that your scalp is healthy. Use it even if you're on the go; its compact size makes it ideal for the man who loves to travel in style.

    Size: 2oz

    Made in America.

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