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Save 25% Off WCS Shaving Brushes!

Black Ship Grooming After Shave Splash

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Color: Stolen Heart
  • Traditional After Shave Splash
  • Alcohol-based
  • Choose your scent from the dropdown menu

Kelly Hogan began turning shaving brush handles as a creative escape from his stressful job as a police officer. Soon, he was expanding his passion. . . and his product range.  Kelly offers fabulous grooming products to help keep your shave ship-shape.

His traditional after shave splashes don’t skimp on skin nourishing goodness. In addition to the bracing sting of alcohol, you get witch hazel, aloe, and vitamin E to soften, soothe, and help heal your skin. There is also a “just right” touch of menthol for a pleasant cooling. The frosted glass bottles have a throw-back feel.

Choose your favorite scent from the dropdown menu.

7 Doubloons: Kelly developed this scent with 7 fellow wet-shaving “pirates”. With notes of apple, sandalwood, musk, black currant, fir, and cilantro, it has a unique profile with just a little tropical flare. Try your luck with 7 Doubloons.

Black Beard: Black Beard is Black Ship Grooming flagship aroma. As you might expect from a pirate-themed company, this is a bay rum aroma. But if you stopped at bay rum, you would be missing the boat, indeed. This is a light bay rum, not overbearing, for you bay rum haters. And Kelly lightened it even further with a lime note that brings a nice balance to the fragrance.

Black Spot: You won’t regret getting marked with this “black spot”. A dark cologne-type fragrance, it blends bergamot, clary sage, peppermint, apple, vetiver, & black musk for a delightfully masculine aroma. But it isn’t so overbearing that you couldn’t wear it everyday. It is a uniquely mysterious aroma.

Calypso’s Curse: Will you fall under Calypso's Curse? Inspired by the story of the beautiful sea nymph who kept Odysseus under her spell for seven years, this aroma has notes of sea, storm, and salvation. Odysseus' longing for home outweighed Calypso's promise of immortality, and eventually Zeus sent Hermes to ask for his release. But you have no need to resist this mysterious blend of oud, green herbal scents, birchwood, amber, rain, and ozone. Enjoy!  

Captain Scurvy: Even a scoundrel wants to smell nice once in a while. When a pirate pulls into port, he might want a scent to impress the ladies (and fight scurvy, of course), so this Captain Scurvy has notes of limes, sandalwood, and vanilla. This unique blend will last into your day.

Captain’s Reserve: The Captain tried to "reserve" this for himself, but it's too popular to keep it secret. But get it quick, before he realizes they've let it out. Black Ship Grooming sailed the seven seas to get all the right notes for this aroma. A complex blend of blackcurrant, bergamot, apple, pineapple, jasmine, patchouli, oakmoss, and vanilla. 

Captain’s Pipe: After a day of pillaging and plundering, what’s a pirate to do, but sit back, gaze at his booty, and light up his pipe. That’s the aroma of this Black Ship Grooming After Shave Splash, Captain's Pipe scent. A rich tobacco note is laced with a bit of cherry; reminiscent of your grandpa’s pipe or cigar, perhaps? 

Castaway: Castaway is a fresh aroma of lemongrass, sage, & pepper. The scent of the great outdoors can be yours -- whether you are stranded on a desert island or the office cubicle.

Dicey Pete: Dicey Pete was the contest winning name for this suave, sexy scent. When you are ready to hit the town, splash on this scent. Notes of sage, mint, woods, lay the base for an intriguing aroma. Add a boozy vodka note and a deep base of sandalwood, patchouli, & oakmoss and you’ll be irresistible.

Ghost Ship: A chilling blend that will grip you tight and never let you go. Enter the Ghost Ship fragrance with notes of sandalwood, black amber, & grapefruit. This combination has become a favorite around Black Ship Grooming. . . and it might make your try-before-you-die list, too. Get it today. 

Peg Leg Nichols: So what would a peg-legged pirate want in a signature scent? Maybe a delightfully fresh, but masculine, aroma that will please the lassies. Orange & lavender oil provide a wonderful refreshing start and then the deep notes of cedarwood roll in.  

Thomas Tew: Pirate Thomas Tew inspired the creation of this scent. For a man who spent much of his life plundering the vessels on trade routes from India as they rounded Africa, a citrus heavy fragrance seems natural. This aroma uses punchy orange, blood orange, and lemons, but it settles on a darker base of amber to round it out. 

Tortuga: Feel the sweet breeze blow in off the coast as you sit on the beach sipping your favorite drink. That's what Tortuga is, an oasis of sweetness! Formulated to smell like sweet tea, floral notes, lemons and mangos, this refreshing scent will make you come back for more. Travel to Tortuga, have a relaxing shave and enjoy yourself! 

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Black Ship Tortuga

As with all of the Black Ship soaps that I’ve used, this one provides excellent slickness and easily lathers. Scents can be subjective so I don’t base a lot of my ratings on them. This has a very sweet forward scent that reminds me of juicy fruit gum. There is also a slight residual scent of lemon or lemon peel. The scent also lasted quite a long time after the shave. All in all, this will be a great scent in my summer rotation.