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30% Off Of Our Summer Clean Up Sale!
30% Off Of Our Summer Clean Up Sale!

Blackland Sabre Gem Razor

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  • Single Edge Safety Razor
  • 303 Stainless steel, 3-piece razor
  • Choose from Level one or two and polished or machine finished

Blackland Razors are designed with the same timeless appeal that goes into high-end watchmaking. Shane Swartzlander and his team are blurring the lines between function and art as they believe each razor should become an heirloom.

This Blackland Sabre Gem razor is a single edge safety razor. Made of 303 stainless steel, it is machined to exacting tolerances. Patterned after the GEM razors of old, these new designed uses a threaded post to hold the head as tight as possible. It assembles like a standard 3 piece double edge safety razor. Modifying the standard post allows Blackland to create a head that is small and manvuerable as well as well-balanced.

You can choose from a polished or machine finish for your razor. And you can select the level one or two base plate as well. Level one (blade gap 0.6mm) provides a less aggressive shave while the level two (blade gap 0.9mm) is slightly more aggressive.

Size: Weight: 111g

Head: 33g

Handle length: 85mm