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35% Off All Clearance Items!
35% Off All Clearance Items!

Boker Elite Carbon 6/8 Straight Razor

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SKU SR-BOK-140415-H
  • Traditional straight razor from Boker
  • Extra fine hollow ground carbon steel blade
  • Black scales in high-tech carbon

Ready to go truly old-school? Ready to shave like your ancestors? Ready for Boker? This gorgeous straight razor is all you're looking for in "cut-throat" shaving. This popular tool is functional and beautiful.

This is a large blade at 6/8" that will mow down your facial hair. It boasts two bevels on the blade back with etching on the face. It is constructed from carbon steel which has especially good edge retention (but is non-stainless, so keep it dry!)  

The black scales are CNC milled from a block of high-tech carbon. They give a sturdiness to the tool to ensue a smooth shave. Completely made by hand in 140 steps at the Boker Manufactory in Solingen, Germany. Size: 6/8"

  • Material: Carbon steel
  • Grind: Extra Hollow ground
  • Scales: Black Carbon
  • Markings: Elite Carbon

Most straight razors are not pre-sharpened from the factory. You can choose to have your razor honed by our honemeister and delivered to you shave ready or left unhoned. Just select your choice from the dropdown menu.Made in Germany.