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    • Classic straight razor
    • 5/8", hollow grind, carbon steel blade
    • Black, synthetic scales (handle)

    Ready to go truly old-school? Ready to shave like your ancestors? Ready for Boker? This gorgeous straight razor is all you're looking for in "cut-throat" shaving. This Classic Black, 5/8" Blade straight razor is a perfect blend of quality (which can't be compromised) and economy (which helps get it in the hands of more people).

    The practical 5/8" blade provides easy handling, even for the less experienced user. The traditional hollow grind of the blade was achieved with expert precision, and will master every shave with ease. The carbon steel is sure to give the audible feedback that shavers loves, but it will need to be maintained to prevent rust. Dry it!

    The scales are a black, synthetic, moisture-resistant material - well-balanced and elegant. Completely made by hand in the Boker Manufactory in Solingen, Germany. Packaged in historical packaging with a certificate of authenticity.

    Size: 5/8"
    Material: Carbon steel
    Grind: Hollow ground
    Scales: Black synthetic

    Most straight razors are not pre-sharpened from the factory. You can choose to have your razor honed by our honemeister and delivered to you shave ready or left unhoned. Just select your choice from the dropdown menu.

    Made in Germany.

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