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    A fantastic addition to every gentleman's morning routine. The Brooklyn Grooming Aftershave Tonic, Anchor gives out a protective cooling splash with a unique earthy scent. Its soothing elements are derived from cucumber extract, aloe Vera, and vegetable glycerin. Cucumber extract has cooling effects that aid in revitalizing your face, thus reducing the risk of premature aging. Aloe Vera, on the other hand, is known to be rich in nutrients and has incredible healing properties. These characteristics aid in healing your skin from any minute abrasion caused by shaving and restore it to tip-top condition. Vegetable glycerin is an organic based compound which seals in the moisture into your skin cells, thus reducing the risks of dry and irritated skin. Aside from its amazing benefits, it also carries an intoxicating and memorable scent. The aftershave is infused with a unique earthy fragrance made from ancient exotic woods, balsam resin, and blood orange essential oils. It's time to reward yourself with a relaxing splash.

    Size: 4 fl oz

    Made in the USA.

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