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    So, you've grown a great beard and have recently discovered that dandruff is a thing you didn't expect there. Brooklyn Grooming Beard Oil, Commando, can help. The Commando refers to the fact that this product has no scent in it, which is great for people who are sensitive to colognes and perfumes. The real benefits, however, go deeper.

    Don't Be Flaky
    Beards are all the rage right now, which means that many people are finding out that they require some care. When you get flaky bits - essentially the same as dandruff in your hair - it's embarrassing and may make you wonder if you should keep it up. Brooklyn Grooming Beard Oil, Commando, can help you get rid of those flakes and the embarrassment.

    The formula contains hempseed oils and sesame oils, both organic, that get the moisture back into your hair. It gets rid of the flakes, doesn't have a scent and leaves only a smooth, great feeling. You'll also feel a lot more confident knowing your beard isn't full of flakes! If you've been put off from having whiskers because of dandruff, try this. It can make a real difference and give you the beard you deserve. If you need to get your skin clean deep down under, Baxter of California Daily Face Wash is a great solution.


    *Sesame oil,*Hempseed oil, *Jojoba oil,* Argan oil and vitamin e.
    *= organic

    Size: 1 fl oz

    Made in the USA

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