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    • Provides mobility to hair with a medium hold
    • Adds just a little bit of shine
    • Contains all organic ingredients
    • Gives a old time scent of citrus and bay rum notes

    Get a modern take on a classic favorite. The Brooklyn Grooming Old School Pomade, Red Hook is a hair product that introduces the perfect balance between flexibility, strength of hold, and greasiness.

    Unlike gels that are troublesome to fix when they harden, pomade is more pliable making it easier for you to change your hairstyle on the spot. With that said, pomades, in general, are also better and healthier alternatives than other hair styling merchandise, due to their dependence on organic material for their hold.

    What makes this product different from others you may ask? The biggest notable difference is the organic materials used in creating it. While other pomades depend on real grease and fatty ingredients, this item is made from natural oils, including shea butter, avocado, kukui nut, argan, and beeswax in order to produce a slick, neat, and greasy look. The uniqueness of the product doesn't end in the benefits of using essential oils because it also delivers a titillating spicy fragrance. Spice up your look and aroma with this exhilarating merchandise.

    Size: 2 oz

    Made in the USA.

    * Avocado oil, *Kukui nut oil, *Shea butter, *Argan oil, *Unrefined beeswax, *West Indies Bay, * Elemi, * Bergamot, * Cardomom essential oil, and vitamin e.

    * = Organic ingredient.

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