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    • Acts as a leave-in conditioner for beard and hair
    • Scented with rosemary and full of wholesome, nourishing ingredients
    • Reduces product build up

    Brooklyn Grooming makes natural products to add to your grooming routine. Handmade in small batches, you can't go wrong with these grooming essentials. Their Pilgrim's Classic Hair and Beard Tonic is one such product - full of wholesome, nourishing ingredients that makes you stand up and take notice.

    This inventive tonic is made to work with your regular styling aids, whether oil or water-based pomades. Blended with coconut, argan, jojoba and avocado oils, this is seriously moisturizing and nutritive. Excellent for repairing damage caused by the elements - the drying effects of sun or wind or over-styling - the drying effects of heating, washing, pomades. It even acts like a leave-in-conditioner to prevent damage in the first place.

    Rub a few drops of this oil between your palms and warm by rubbing. Then apply evenly to hair with fingers and comb through, if desired. It provides a base coat to which pomades, waxes, and sprays can adhere. As a result, your styles last-longer and product is unable to build up on your hair.

    The unique fragrance comes from rosemary oil, which is known to increase blood flow to the scalp which aids in healthier, stronger hair.

    Size: 1 fl.oz

    Made in the USA

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