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    There are, in fact, good disposable razors out there, and Bump Fighter makes among the best of them. These razors are made with African-American men in mind, provided with a skin conditioning system and specifically designed to handle sensitive skin issues. The blade has a specialized guard on it that keeps the edge from contacting your face directly. It is also designed to keep the level correct, so that you don't end up with bumps, rashes, and other issues from using a razor.

    There are actually quite a few different options that men with sensitive faces can use to make grooming a lot more comfortable. One of those options is a preshave treatment, which can go a long way toward helping prepare to deal with the stresses of grooming. Other products to consider are brushes and soaps, which offer a great deal of lather, thereby providing another layer of protection. For anybody who ends up with a lot of bumps after they take down their beard, it's a good idea to anticipate the problem and to plan ahead, so the severity can be reduced and everything stays healthy looking.

    This container has five cartridges included.

    Made in the USA




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