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    Not everything that you throw out after use has to be cheap. This Bump Fighter Disposable Razors 4-pak provides ample proof of that. For everyday use, it's generally recommended that people upgrade to a straight or safety model, but these grooming supplies are excellent choices when you happen to be out on the road or when you just need something as a backup if you happen to run out of regular blades. They have features on them that make them a bit easier on the skin, which is excellent news for guys who have sensitive faces.

    These razors have a pivoting head. This allows them to move according to the contours of the face, providing a way to get a close cut result without having to scrape or hack at the whiskers. That can make all the difference with a product like this, as they are made to be used a few times and tossed out and, therefore, they need all the features they can get to make them gentler on the skin. Combine this with a good aftershave or, if you are particularly prone to developing rashes and bumps, a balm, which will offer soothing relief and comfort.

    Made in USA.