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    • Old fashioned-style soap on a rope
    • Fortified with coconut oil, aloe vera, and pacific sea salt
    • Multipurpose: hair, face, & body

    Byrd Hairdo Products are a feather in the cap of California native and professional surfer, Chase "Big Bird" Wilson. Following in family grooming footsteps, Wilson launched his company in 2012 to bring a laid back, mobile, gentleman surfer vibe to the men's grooming world. His Soap on a Rope fits the "bill" perfectly (pun totally intended).

    As a professional surfer, Wilson knows the world of travel, competition, and tight schedules. He designs his products for the man on-the-go. This multipurpose cleanser can be used for hair, face, and body. The perfect soap for a quick clean. He also knows the toll that sun, sand, and surf take on a man's skin. So his grooming essential is fortified with coconut oil, aloe vera, and pacific sea salt to clean effectively but without stripping vital moisture from your skin. The convenient rope allows you to shower anywhere - hang the soap on your wrist or on your shower head. There when you need it.

    Another touch of the beach, it is scented with Byrd's "Cloudbreak" aroma - a complex tropical coconut fragrance. After you are clean, finish your style with any of Byrd's pomades and get the women flocking.

    Size: 12 oz

    Made in the USA

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