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    This badger shaving brush from Captain Fawcett is really something special. The way these brushes work for wet shaving is a combination of different factors. They help you lift the follicles up, distributing the soap evenly underneath them. In the process, all of those bristles make a lot of lather, which is exactly what you need when you want to keep your face safe from a razor.

    This product has actually been brought back over 100 years after it had gone off the market. It is the most traditional type of item you can get for these purposes and it works marvelously. Sometimes the old way of doing things actually does work better. If you really want your grooming experience to be as good as it possibly can be, make certain that you are using a high quality blade to trim down those follicles. You can go with a safety or straight razor, but skimping on that is something that will definitely keep you from enjoying the process of dealing with your beard and mustache as much as you should. Do it right, use the right tools and you will soon find that people really knew what they were doing in the old days.

    Color: Faux Ivory
    Total Height: 107mm
    Bristle Loft: 55mm
    Knot Diameter: 22mm
    Hair: Best Badger

    Dimensions are approximate.

    Beautifully handcrafted in Sheffield, England.

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