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    • 3-pack of Captain Fawcett's popular moustache wax
    • Strong hold for easy styling
    • Scented in lavender, sandalwood, and ylang ylang


    This is a great way to experiment with taking care of those follicles under your nose. From Captain Fawcett's comes this three pack of mustache waxes that are designed to give you awesome hold. You can get a handlebar style or just about anything else using these products and they all have a great scent to them that really makes them spectacular. One is lavender, one is sandalwood and the other contains Ylang Ylang, which offers a very invigorating aroma.

    Particularly at the present moment, what is old is becoming new again. Guys are tending to wear their facial hair longer and that means that supplies such as these are becoming very popular. To get the right look, they're absolute necessities. If you want to really do it right, you may want to look into learning how to use traditional grooming supplies, such as a straight razor, a proper soap instead of a foam or a gel, and the types of aftershaves and colognes that smell classy. When you want style, however, this Captain Fawcett's is always a good choice, and this offers you a way to try out three of their best products. Chances are you'll like all of them.

    Waxes are supplied in glass jars with black screw top lids.

    Size: includes 3 waxes, 15ml / 0.5 fl.oz each

    Made in England