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    Have you ever gone exploring and found that your mustache wax just didn't hold up? Maybe it's because you weren't using Captain Fawcett's Expedition Strength wax. This product gives you a very firm hold, which is great for guys who really want to go for that old-fashioned look, handlebars and all. Whether you want to look like a classy gentleman from the Edwardian era or you need something that can give you just the right kind of-stache that you can twirl while you unleash your nefarious plans, you're looking at the right product right here.

    This manufacturer has an excellent reputation and justly so. This particular item comes scented with a hint of sandalwood, which really gives a classy feel to it. It comes in a tin, adding even more to the old-fashioned appeal and has a portrait of the Captain right on the front, who himself was a properly mustachioed man. Whether you are negotiating unexplored jungles, braving the salt air or just heading off to work and want to make certain that everything stays in place, this can help you do the job. If you really want to top the whole look off, make sure you have the right aroma going, as well, because men in those days really knew how to take care of themselves.

    Size: 15ml / 0.5fl oz

    Made in England.