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    This is another great product from Captain Fawcetts for guys who like doing things in a somewhat old-fashioned way. This mustache wax is imported from England and made out of organic ingredients. It allows you to keep your whiskers perfectly in place, and it has a great lavender scent that, since it's going to be underneath your nose all day, will truly be appreciated. This has what the company describes as a medium hold, which should be just fine for most people, excepting those who want to go for a very complex style.

    This comes in a container that is as classy as what it contains. It has a very old school feeling to it, with a mustachioed man looking rather dignified right on the top. This wax will help you look just as dignified. This is one of the many fine products available for your whiskers and, for men who really want to have a bit of style, it's one of the most important to have in your repertory of styling items. This will last through the entire day and, if you need to refresh it, just use a comb and a little bit of water and you'll be good to go.

    Size: 15ml

    Made in England.

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