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    Ylang Ylang has a fresh, attractive scent and this mustache wax from Captain Fawcett provides you with awesome hold. It's actually described as a medium hold, but most guys should find it entirely adequate for keeping their mustache hairs in line.

    Packaged in a very antique looking glass jar, this item is pure style. Use a comb to get everything in the right position and this will make certain that it stays there all day. If you happen to need to refresh it, using a little bit of water and your comb once more will generally put those hairs right back where you want them and restore your style.

    Right now, having hair on your face is a rather popular way to go. Instead of just letting it grow wild, true gentleman will take the time to groom it, shape it and make it very classy. This mustache wax allows you to do just that, and when you see the results, you'll be glad that you decided to go with the Captain.

    Size: 15ml

    Made in England.