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    • Show your pride for Captain Fawcett's
    • Show the world you are part of the captain's crew
    • Nickel pin badge can fasten to any clothing


    Just about everybody likes to endorse their favorite products and this Captain Fawcett's Nickel Badge gives you a way to do that. This is a 2.2 mm badge with a pin back on it that allows you to give a little publicity to your favorite seafaring adventurer, and he who provides you with the means to attend to your follicular needs properly.

    Why would you endorse this particular company? Well, for starters, they make some of the best grooming supplies out there and many of them are re-introductions of products that went off the market over 100 years ago. They are exceedingly high quality, very classy and designed for gentlemen who have discerning tastes as far as what they use to take care of themselves. In addition to things for your whiskers, the company makes awesome fragrances that will absolutely impress anybody who gets close enough to you to smell them.

    Go ahead and let people know that you are part of Fawcett's crew. This provides you with a great way to do it. It's a classy little pin that will work just about anywhere and, if you happen to be a fan of these items, you do certainly have taste.

    Size: 2.2 mm

    Made in England

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