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    • Masculine scented parfum
    • Strong hold moustache wax in 3 scents for all day styling
    • Beard Oil moisturizes skin and softens whiskers

    So, you want to get a gift for somebody who knows how to take care of themselves. They already have a very high quality razor, a good brush and a stand to keep all of it together. What do you get them? Fortunately, the fearless Captain Fawcett has an answer for you.

    This set contains a wonderful trifecta of grooming supplies that will make anybody who wants to be a proper gentleman happy. The parfum is top quality, and has a masculine scent that is understated and incredibly attractive and classy. The wax helps guys to keep their mustaches in line and is particularly useful for guys who like to go for a more old-fashioned kind of look. Beard Oil is used to moisturize the skin underneath the whiskers and to provide a softer texture.

    All three of these things together make a great gift for any man. If you want to get somebody something that they will appreciate and that, in fact, contains enough product to last for a long time, you're looking at one of the best options out there right now. This is very high end and a wonderful present for yourself or someone else.

    Made in England

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