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    • 3 item gift set from Captain Fawcett
    • Badger brush, safety razor, and shaving soap in a wood bowl
    • Made in England

    If you are an "always prepared", "stiff upper lip", "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" kind of guy. Then you need to grab Captain Fawcett's Shaving gift set. Any intrepid explorer can face hardship and derring-do; it is the most eminent who can also dare to groom.

    A well-provisioned adventurer is a successful one. Captain's gift set comes with three important items to keep you looking your best.

    • A Best Badger shaving brush: with faux ivory detail you will really feel like an African adventurer.
    • Finest Hand Crafted Safety Razor: also with faux ivory detailing. It fits with gillette mach 3 blades, good for cutting you out of a tight spot or giving you a close shave.
    • Luxurious Shave Soap: whip up a thick lather in the hand-crafted wood bowl to reduce nicks, scratches, and razor burn.

    You may be in the heat of it, but you don't need to sweat it. Captain Fawcett's got you covered. You can face whatever new excitement awaits with the confidence of good grooming. The captain would be proud.

    This set is also perfect to give to that new wet shaver in your life. Everything he needs to start his own adventure is right here.

    Size: 3 items

    Made in England

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    If you know one of those guys who constantly has a red and irritated face and who looks like they trim their whiskers with a belt sander, this offering from Captain Fawcett can help you help them. This contains everything a guy needs to shave properly. The fact of the matter is that the cheap products you find in department stores and grocery stores are not well suited. To get a good, close and proper shave, you need the right tools and they are all included in this box.

    Pop it open and you will find an excellent safety razor. This is a handmade model that is of the highest quality. There is also soap and a brush. Those two items together can make all the difference in the world as far as making grooming more comfortable goes. They soften up the whiskers, get them nice and fat so they cut very easily and, with a good blade, itŠ—Ès no work at all to trim down a beard and mustache. This is the type of thing that many men wonŠ—Èt realize can solve a lot of their problems and, if you want to get a present for somebody who could benefit from one, this is the perfect thing for them.

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