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    As you are probably aware, people back in the day- at least before the Edwardian invention became available- couldn't use safety razors. They used straight razors and, if those weren't properly used, you could get a lot of nicks, cuts and burn. Even a professional barber could end up having those issues with clients and one of their solutions was to use a traditional alum bar, like this one from Captain Fawcett.

    This is very easy to use. It is a mineral bar; you just wet it down and gently rub it on your face. It has toning properties to it that makes your pores close up and that prevents the type of burn that people oftentimes suffer when they give themselves a very close shave.

    Plenty of products can help with sensitivity issues, but this is one of the traditional solutions that have been around for a very long time. It remains popular because it works. This is a 40g size, made in India that will hold up for a very long time. You may have just found the best product available to make certain that you don't end up red, irritated and otherwise distressed after you groom.

    Size: 40g / 1.4oz

    Made in India.

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