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    • Beard brush by the folks at Captain Fawcett
    • With wild boar bristles to stimulate growth
    • Handcrafted oak base holds the bristles

    Are you loving that face forest you've got goin' on? Or does it sometimes feel a lot less tame than a forest -- maybe more like a wild animal growing out of your chin? Well, meet wild with wild in this beard brush from Captain Fawcett. And you know the Captain won't let you down. These chaps across the pond are "keeping a stiff upper lip, regardless. . ." And so can you with all their fabulous products, including this Captain Fawcett's Wild Boar Bristle Beard Brush.

    When you brush your facial hair with this classic tool, you will feel the connection to centuries of gentlemen who have tamed their manes with natural bristle brushes. It will keep your chin mullet in tip-top shape, smooth and untangled. With regular use, the naturally stiff bristles will stimulate the follicles that encourage hair growth so your beard gets fuller and healthier, even happier!

    These boar hairs are held in a handcrafted oak base with Capt Fawcett Ltd burned onto the side. The handle-less design offers maximum control. Add luster, health, and shape to your "hursite pride & joy".


    • length: 92mm
    • width: 50mm

    Made in the UK

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