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    • Shave balm for your post shave skin
    • Loaded with aloe, shea butter, and fruit extracts for exceptional hydration
    • Scented with Bay Rum, Lime, Sandalwood, and North

    Why choose just one? We don't want you to limit your choices so we're offering this pack of balms from Captain's Choice. Now you can try all the scents in their bestselling balm. This sample size is perfect for getting a feel for the scent but it is also the perfect size for traveling as it meet TSA requirements.

    If you don't love the sting of a bracing alcohol aftershave or you need additional moisture post-shave, then you might be best served with a balm. The Captain has loaded his concoction with wonderful hydrating ingredients. Aloe, glycerin, shea butter, and fruit extracts deliver unbeatable moisture for even the most sensitive skin. Your skin will feel smooth, rejuvenated, and refreshed.

    • Captain's Choice Bay Rum Shave Balm - This Bay Rum has made Bay lovers out of Bay haters, and it just might sway you, too. It delivers an authentic scent but with NO clove. The bay scent dominates, but it is coupled with hints of cinnamon and citrus. This is the scent that started it all for the Captain.
    • Captain's Choice Lime Shave Balm - Get the proprietary Captain's Choice Lime fragrance - popularized by both his aftershave and his soap. Now you can get it in your palm - ahem, balm. This gentle lime aroma is "just there" and compliments the soothing balm nicely.
    • Captain's Choice Sandalwood Shave Balm - This is scented with Captain's well-loved Sandalwood aroma. Like the aftershave and soap that bear the same fragrance, this is a unique one-note scent. It possesses a low-key profile with a gentle, lingering aroma. During scent development, men loved it, women RAVED about it.
    • Captain's Choice North Shave Balm - Like a hike along a forested mountain path in the north woods, this scent is loaded with the evergreen aroma of juniper. Then notes of spice and vanilla sneak in. Luxuriate in the scent and the soothing of this balm.

    With a sample pack like this, what more could you need?

    Size: 4 samples of 1/4 fl.oz. each

    Made in the USA

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