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    • Artisan shaving soap handcrafted by Captain's Choice
    • Loaded with glycerin and coconut oil
    • Scented with North - a collaboration with WCS and the Captain


    We have a special spot in our hearts at West Coast Shaving for this one. We love this scent -- because we helped create it! And finding it now in the Captain's shaving soap is like watching our baby grow up and branch out. Captain's Choice is on the wet shaving map for their exceptional aftershave scents. But slowly and surely they have created other exceptional shaving requisites, like Captain's Choice Shaving Soap, North.

    All their products undergo rigorous field testing and feedback from real shavers, so you know when you pick up product from the Captain you are getting the best. This shaving essential is a lubricating, lathering monster. Filled with glycerin and coconut oil, it gives you exceptional glide, slickness, and moisturizing. You can even whip up your lather right in the ample tub without losing a bit.

    And it matches Captain's proprietary concentrate used in the North Aftershave. This scent was developed with West Coast Shaving to give you a scent of the mountains. Imagine a walk in the pines and juniper of the north woods. That full-bodied evergreen top note is blended with hint of spice and vanilla, the scent of the outdoors. Perfect in the fall and winter, but a favorite year 'round, too.

    Smell rugged and fresh with Captain's Choice Shaving Soap, North and the matching aftershave.

    Size: 5oz soap/8oz tub

    Made in the USA

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