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Castle Forbes Cedarwood & Sandalwood Essential Oil Shaving Cream

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SKU SC-CFC-03032

Cedarwood and sandalwood are two of the most refined scents you'll find anywhere. They're combined in this great Castle Forbes shaving cream which contains essential oils and provides you an incredibly close result. Your razor will glide effortlessly over your face using this product resulting in an unforgettable experience. This product has a very rich lather. That means that you have maximum lubrication. Use a brush and you'll be amazed at what this offers in terms of protection. It's very popular with guys who have sensitive skin and there's good reason for that. The scent is noticeable, but it's not so strong that it will conflict with any aftershaves or colognes you happen to wear. Do your face a favor and get something good enough to protect you from your blade. The payoffs are certain to be noticeable right away, especially when you're not left with a burning sensation after you're done grooming and your whiskers are cut away to reveal smooth, healthy skin. Size: 200 ml Made in Scotland.

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D K.
United States United States
I recommend this product
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Best Cream

Best, most luxurious I've ever used. Whipped into. Great lather, nick free every time!!!

Lawrence S.
United States United States
I recommend this product
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Aroma Therapy Plus

This cream provides a close smooth shave and an intoxicating scent. When I was in high school,many many years ago , my sister and the other senior girls were given a small sales sample of a cedar chest. In those days young women all had hope chests. The scent of this shaving cream is like the cedar aroma from the inside of one of these salesmen’s samples. It is intoxicating.

Ben R.
  • Value for Money
Robust Cedarwood

One of my all time favorite shaving creams, what I like the most about this product is the very strong cedar wood fragrance. I think most of the negative reviews addressing the scent are focusing on the sandalwood in the product title. Personally, I cannot smell the sandalwood in this product, it is a very strong, robust, masculine cedar, reminiscent of a cedar forest or fresh cut cedar. It is by far the most natural and strong cedar wood product I have found, it is not subtle!! If you want sandalwood or a subtle fragrance, this is not for you :) But this cream gives beautiful, full, slick lather, a great smooth shave, and moisturizes the skin well. I use the aftershave balm as well and it is also wonderful.

Lenny B.
  • Value for Money
Excellent cream

First time I tried it I was put off by the strong scent. Sandalwood creams have a hint of woody scent but this smells like you're in a cedar sawmill! Took a week to get used to the fragrance, also to adjust to just how little cream is needed to make a great lather. Purchase price is high but one container lasted me four months of daily shaves so it really isn't that expensive. Slickest, most luxurious lather of any product I've tried, but next time I'm getting the lavender.

Susan P.
  • Value for Money
Nick P.

This cream gives you a smooth, comfortable, great shave, like all of the Castle Forbes creams. But, I hate the smell of this one. This is a five star product, but I just can't take the smell. I like the smell of most of the sandalwood creams, but not this one.