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    If you like a really fresh scent after you're done shaving, lavender is a great way to go. This product not only leaves you smelling great, it also helps to moisturize your manly mug. Balms are smart choices for guys with sensitive faces. While high-quality aftershaves are always popular, balms offers something a bit different. This one from Castle Forbes has a very smooth quality to it, it's not as bracing as a regular aftershave but it definitely tones and it does it without drying.

    If you happen to live in a dry climate, this is a sensible option. Rather than alcohol, this contains witch hazel. That provides an astringent property that keeps your pores tight, leaves your skin feeling fresh and helps to calm your face down after you've put it through the process of shaving. The result is that you get the same performance as a product that contains alcohol, but you don't dry out. This also isn't oily, so you're not going to end up with residue on your face that will cause problems in and of itself. You'll just end up with wonderfully smooth and toned skin.

    Size: 4.4 oz.

    Made in Scotland.

    INGREDIENTS: Water, Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera, Cyclopentasiloxane, Glycerine, PEG/PPG-20/15 Dimethicone, Lavender Essential Oil, Tromethamine, Linalool, Carbomer, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone, Limonene, Geraniol

    We try to keep the ingredients list accurate, but it is subject to change without notice.

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