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    Richard M.
    • Value for Money

    Central Texas Soaps Shaving Soaps Sample (Grandpa's Barbershop, Weekend Rodeo and Down at the River.)

    I'd like to start this review by saying that I am a beginner to wet shaving and using specialty soaps. My nose is not a mater of scents. My lack of experience with these items will effect how I view these items and you shouldn't put too much stake into anything you read here. My first, and only other, soap/cream is TOBS Sandalwood. That was my first cream for wet shaving based on the high ratings across the internet. Excellent shave and scent! The samples I have tried out so far have lathered up really well using the Omega 10066 Boar Brush. I think I'll manage to get 4-5 shaves from each little sample jar. That's a pretty good value considering the $1.50 price mark and quality of soaps. (also, free shipping!) (reviews purely based on the scent) Grandpa's Barbershop is a solid 5/5. This is my favorite. The initial scent is fairly mild and it seemingly fades into something else I don't recognize but no complaints here. Weekend Rodeo is 4/5. A much stronger punch to the nose when you sniff this stuff. It actually reminds me of the rodeo too. So, that's pretty cool! You can definitely smell the leather in it and the rest is just kinda a side note to that. I can't really pinpoint any specific scents outside of the leather but it's pretty good. Down at the River is 2/5. I wasn't sure what to expect when I ordered this stuff but the ozone scent is strong! If that's what you're looking for- look no further! I am not a big fan of this stuff but it's not so bad that I won't use it. The ozone scent is just too strong for me to enjoy. It definitely seems to overpower the other scents as well. I will definitely consider buying a full tub of Grandpa's Barbershop in the future. It's really a great soap. I will also be considering buying the other sample soaps. Mr. Pepper sounds interesting and I regret not getting that instead of Down at the River.

    Keith O.
    • Value for Money

    Central Texas Shaving Soap

    Bought the Mr. Pepper for my son. Ordered 3 samples for myself. Like the cherry best, but they all smell wonderful and lather godd, even in my hard water. I plan on buying more, but need more space to put it!

    Todd S.
    • Value for Money

    Todd S.

    This is my first time trying Central Texas Soaps. The size is perfect for samples, and the scent on Cherry Pipe and Mr. Pepper is incredible. Let me be frank: I hate Dr. Pepper. Coke, yes. Pepsi, yes. But not Dr. Pepper, and I lived in Texas where it all started. Having said that, I love the scent of Mr. Pepper. It is addicting, and I find myself sniffing it throughout the day. Both are wonderful soaps, although my preference is tallow-based soaps. Overall, great product and a great price - even for the tub. I wish Greg all the best. As for WCS, you can't go wrong doing business with a such a wonderful company. I ALWAYS receive super fast shipping, and excellent customer service. I'll continue to purchase from these great folks.