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    • Classic DE safety razor
    • Copper handle, chrome head
    • Bishop style-handle


    If you love the whirl of a vintage machine, if you think beautiful and functional belong in the same sentence, if your heart beats with appreciation for a well-made, handcrafted utensil, then welcome to Charcoal Goods. With a degree in Fine Art and an apprenticeship at the knee of an old machinist, Brain Twilley turns out razors like works of art. He turns his safety razors on an old machine that he restored. When it runs, it "gets warm with pride." Invest in a product that will last and last: Charcoal Goods DE Razor, Bishop Handle, Copper.

    This grooming requisite is machined from solid bar Tellurium copper and then finished with Renaissance wax. The handle measure approximately 3.5in long, but slight variations occur which make each one unique. The closed comb head is chrome plated to protect against corrosion and wear.

    Checkmate! The elegant handle is turned in the "Bishop" style, which might put you in mind of a game of chess. Patterned after that chess piece, this design is an instant classic. The copper is bright and timeless, so you can look forward to many years of great shave with this 3-piece safety razor.

    Length: 3.7 inches

    Weight: 104 grams

    Made in USA of US and Imported Parts

    Click on any of the below videos to start playing our Shaving101 videos about Safety Razors.

    Shaving with a Safety Razor

    Differences in Safety Razors

    5 Tips to Improve Your Shave

    The Benefits of Wet Shaving:

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