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    • Revive and condition your skin and soften your beard
    • Contains almond, jojoba, and pomegranate seed oil
    • Scented with cedar, clove, citrus, and frankincense


    Revive pretty much sums up what this beard product is designed to do. It contains almond, jojoba, and pomegranate seed oil, all of which really condition your facial hair and make it look its best. It goes deeper than that, however, and helps to keep your skin conditioned, as well.

    The topmost scents in this formula are cedar, clove, citrus and a touch of frankincense. Those smells are classics all around and they have an invigorating quality that makes you feel fresh and clean. They do the same for your beard, and that means that you never have to worry that you don't look clean and healthy all around, especially on the first place on your face that people notice!

    This comes in a 30ml bottle that has enough to keep you going for plenty of time. It is made of natural ingredients that are never harsh and that do a great job of conditioning without ever overdoing it. The end result is that you look like you have naturally healthy whiskers, no matter how long they are and how long you've had them. If you're just growing it out, this can stave off itching very well.

    Size: 30ml

    Made in USA

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