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    • Conditions your beard and face by making the follicles softer
    • Scented with wonderfully woody hints of pine, balsam, and cedar
    • Contains all natural oils

    If you're new to the beard lifestyle, you might not have heard of products like this one before. This is an oil that goes on your beard and that provides conditioning and a great scent. It makes the follicles softer, which prevents them from being irritating. This includes all natural oils and, where the fragrance is concerned, the ingredients live up to the name. It includes pine and other woody scents, balsam and cedar, that really make it pleasant. It's certainly all man, but it's also very youthful and energetic.

    Put a bit of this on your follicles and you'll see the difference right away. As you start taking better care of your facial hair, you'll also notice benefits to the skin underneath that make it even more worth the effort. If you want to go for styling, waxes and other products are perfect and offer something of an old fashioned flair that make it easy to get an incredible look that will get you noticed. Take the time to style and you'll see why facial hair is all the rage right now!

    Size: 30ml

    Made in USA

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