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    A beard balm is a wonderful combination of a product that keeps your whiskers under control and that also nourishes them so that they look their very best. This particular product happens to have a minty scent to it, which gives you a fragrance benefit in addition to making you look better. Cliff's is a line that strives to offer men something a bit different. Not only are all of their items produced without harsh chemicals, they actually go through the trouble of finding organic ingredients for them and, to make it even better, they source these from local farms. If you really do care about the way the things you use every day are made, this is a company that you'll probably have a significant interest in.

    Should you be having trouble keeping your facial hair under control, using something like this along with a high-quality comb really does make a difference. Right now, it's trendy to have a beard, but many men haven't really learned how to groom them. Fortunately, it's not that hard. It does take good quality items, however, and this manufacturer really takes it to the next level where letting their customers know what exactly they are putting on their body is concerned.

    Size 0.5 oz. / 15 ml

    Made in USA

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