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    • Medium all day hold for a classy look
    • Will not leave a filmy residue or stiff hair
    • Wax based, no harsh chemicals added
    • A organic scent of shea butter, beeswax, sweet almond oil with a hint of lavender


    This Cliff Original Hair Arousal Wax comes in a form that some guys might find easier to use than the usual puck product. It's a great way to achieve your desired look, just as is the other version, but it goes on a bit easier for some men. This will hold your style in place, that much is certain, and it's very classy. Add to that the fact that it's made from organic ingredients that are locally sourced, and you can see why these types of products are catching on so quickly.

    This works by using ingredients that don't leave residues, don't make your hair stiff or burn it out, and that don't leave anything nasty behind. When you're done, you just wash it right out, and everything goes back to normal. You won't have the sort of frizzy, fried look that cheap drugstore mousses give you. Warm up a bit of this in your hands, run it through and style with your favorite comb or brush and you'll be on your way to follicular perfection. If you don't like putting harsh chemicals on your body, then this product and others from this line are worth looking at.

    Size: 0.5 oz / 15 ml

    Made in USA

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