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Col. Conk is going to class up your bathroom a bit. This chrome and wood stand is a great combination of a very modern and dynamic looking material and a very traditional one. While that may not seem like a particularly impressive thing, consider that these stands not only protect your grooming supplies and tools, they also display them. This one can hold onto any standard DE razor, a brush and a mug. Essentially, you can fit everything you need to take care of your beard in one spot.The brush and the razor hang from the prongs on the top of the device, and there's a cutout depression for your mug. The look of this should work with just about any set of tools. Stainless steel and other metals would compliment well, as would porcelain and safety razors with natural looking handles. Everything you hang up gets to air dry and is kept safe from getting clogged by materials from the top of the sink.If you've already purchased yourself some quality items to make yourself look great, treat them right with this stand and, if you do, you can easily get a lifetime of usage out of them.

Razor opening: 12.5mm

Brush opening: 25.5mm

  • SKU: OP-CON-159
  • Brand: Col. Conk
  • Type: Shaving Stand

Col. Conk Chrome & Wood Stand

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