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    Col. Conk has an amazing sense of aesthetics, as clearly demonstrated by products like these. This is a covered Onyx bowl with a great fossil pattern. No two of them will look exactly the same, as they are made out of natural materials. What they all do have in common, however, is that they all look awesome. If you like an almost outdoorsy look, but something that's very refined at the same time, this is something that might fit the bill perfectly. On a practical level, it offers even more.

    These are larger, so they will accommodate most any soap you want to use. They work perfectly with cream, as well. The cover provides you with a way to make everything look neater, but it also keeps anything from getting into the stuff you put on your face every morning. This material cleans up very easily, it's easy to keep it looking its best and, of course, it's made out of something that will hold up for a very long time. If you've really been looking for something different but in the best way possible, consider adding this to your arsenal of grooming items.

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