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    Col Conk has a comb right here if your moustache keeps getting out of whack. This is a smaller model, as you may have guessed from the name, but that gives it a real advantage in some regards. It gives a lot of control and, if you have a complicated style growing out of your upper lip, it's useful for getting all the nuances you want. Even guys with longer moustaches will probably want one of these, as they do offer a great way to apply wax and to perform other styling tasks.

    If you're to the point where you want to start styling your facial hair more or you've been there for a while, you'll appreciate what this offers. The handle is slightly upswept, which makes it easier to get under your nose. It has a straight set of teeth to it, so it's perfect for neatening up your whiskers when they get out of place. It's also handy for trimming. As a pro tip, if you happen to have eyebrows that have their own plans about how much they should grow, you can use these small combs to trim them evenly, too. This is a great add on item, if you're ordering other supplies.

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