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    • After Shave Lotion from Col. Conk
    • Alcohol-free and loaded with natural ingredients
    • Scented with woodsy aroma of cedar and rosemary

    Blending the innovative thinking of their legendary namesake with the old west mystique of their roots, Col. Conk is pleased to bring you an extensive range of natural grooming essentials. Eschewing the chemicals, artificial color/dyes/fragrances, etc, this line is loaded with good-for-you and good smelling ingredients. Check out Col. Conk Natural After Shave Lotion, Santa Fe Cedar.

    This alcohol-free shaving essential is loaded with coconut and olive oil derived ingredients to give you amazing moisturizing and protection against the elements you face each day. It also has tea tree oil, known for its healing properties. A little bit goes a long way with this grooming requisite. Smooth on your post-shave skin and feel the goodness, no artificial colors/dyes, synthetic fragrances, or nasty chemicals. (It contains just a minimal amount of preservative to ensure a longer self-life.)

    And it is scented with a robust aroma of essential oils. A woodsy fragrance of cedar and rosemary pay homage to Col. Conk's adopted state of New Mexico in this masculine scent. On his many travels while peddling his wares, Ichabod Conk would have traversed the foothills and paths surrounding Santa Fe. Now you can feel you are there, too.

    Size: 6oz

    Made in the USA

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