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    • Shaving soap puck from Col. Conk
    • Loaded with natural ingredients
    • Scented with tea tree & eucalyptus essential oils


    The legend of Col. Ichabod Conk holds that an impoverished Civil War surviver won the heart of a New Mexico business women and together they took the barbering world by storm, bringing their product to the "wild west". His name faded to obscurity until the current ownership reclaimed his vision of innovation and tradition. They do just that with a new line of natural shaving requisites: old west feel in a modern recipe. Check out Col. Conk Natural Shave Soap, High Desert Breeze.

    This is a traditional hard puck of soap -- made to be used in a mug or bowl and lathered with a brush. But it is innovative in its use of natural ingredients: no parabens, artificial colors/dyes, synthetic fragrances, formaldehyde, petrolatum, animal testing, or DEA. Just good skin-loving ingredients that create a creamy, thick froth with a good "hang time" so you can slow down and enjoy your shave. It is also wheat-free, nut-free, and gluten-free so those with sensitivities can enjoy a great shave.

    In a nod to its namesake's old stomping ground, this soap is scented with an exclusive blend of tea tree and eucalyptus essential oils. Along with other fresh and powerful undertones, this soap will bring you to the high desert with a refreshing and cooling shave. Get Col. Conk Natural Shave Soap, High Desert Breeze.

    Size: 2.25oz

    Made in the USA

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