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Col. Conk Sante Fe Shave Cup #111

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The Col. Conk Santa Fe shave cup is a bit more laid back and earthy than most shaving cups. It's on the smaller size, so guys who prefer soaps that are a bit smaller in diameter will likely find it perfect. A good brush will whip it into a great lather, providing you with a very smooth experience when you put the razor to your face.The color of this little mug is earthy, with bands of browns and greens running through it. It would look great with just about anything, and would be just as much at home next to a sleek, steel-handled safety razor as it would next to a very traditional straight model. If you want your bathroom to be softer looking and less like a barbershop, this will probably work very well for you. This company makes high quality items, so it goes without saying that it will last for a long time. The style actually has a timeless quality to it, but it's distinct from the more clean-lined and efficient looks that a lot of grooming gear tends to have, and it might be just want you'd prefer.Please note the bowl colors may differ slightly from the photo.

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Leah J.
  • Value for Money

Great gift!

I bought this for my husband for our anniversary. I had been looking at other stores/websites and everything was super expensive or poor quality. I came across this website and the products I ordered were wonderful . The price was great , the quality was superb and my husband loved it! Thanks so much!!!

  • Value for Money

good usability, nice little gem I've had two.

I dropped and broke my first bowl so I bought another since I like the design. The first one had a opening large enough to just fit a Pre de Provence Shaving soap tin and it helped keep my wash basin area cleaner and less cluttered. The second one had a more pronounced overhanging lip that facilitates scraping my brush off when whipping up a lather but it does not allow my Tin to be placed inside of it like the first one. This is an indication that yes, they are all hand made and no two are alike. When left to soak in hot water, it will keep the lather warm for a while but since my water isn't that hot it can't keep it warm for the second shave pass ( I use the bowl to whip up a lather rather than hold the soap puck itself). The second lather is juuuuuust barely warm or a tiny bit cool. The bowl does keep the lather from spilling out both during the Lather whipping stage and the face application stage. I also use this bowl to sanitize my razor; it has both the depth needed to fully submerge the shaving head in hydrogen peroxide (or barbicide if you prefer that). Other than those features, it does what any other bowl or mug does, but it's a nicer looking bowl, handles well and since its made in the USA, it means I'm helping employ another 'murican :-) . MY only complaint is that it doesn't let me place my pre de provence tin inside like it did the other.

Patricia L.
  • Value for Money

Nice colors, perfect size.

Nice colors, perfect size.

  • Value for Money

It's a beauty, eh?

The bowl has the look that it was made by a craftsman. It's also the perfect size for the shave soap. It fits my hand perfectly, tho I have large hands.

Christopher S.
  • Value for Money

Good small soap bowl

Came with a puck of amber col conk.