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    This is a smaller mug, made for the 2.25-ounce cakes of soap that are sold by the same manufacturer. Col Conk sells very high quality items and this will last you for a very long time. It has plenty of room so that you can work up lather with your brush and, provided you are doing that with a quality product, you_'´è_´è___ll get great results. The design, in fact, is slightly flared toward the top, which facilitates giving you a lot more lubrication to work with and makes it really quite easy to get it started.

    These types of products are oftentimes best chosen based on the other items that you have. Aesthetics does play into that. This has a very clean, professional look to it that will suit just about any high-end shaving implement out there just fine. The color is classic white ceramic, so it should fit in any bathroom environment. This shaving mug can easily last you for the rest of your life if you take care of them, so getting something that you_'´è_´è___re really going to enjoy using makes sense. This product will definitely serve you well in every regard.

    Size: fits 2.25oz cake of soap

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