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    If you don't particularly care for very bright fragrances, almond is a great way to go for your shaving soap. Col Conk delivers in this product. This is a glycerin-based soap that has avocado oil in it, plenty of vitamin E and very high quality fragrances to give it its distinctive aroma. It has a warm character to it that provides a relaxing grooming session that's great for guys who like to take their time waking up, and who don't necessarily want a citrusy smell first thing in the morning.

    Generally, the aroma from one of these products is fleeting, but you do want to make certain that it doesn't conflict with whatever you use for your all day smell. No matter which of the options you choose, if they come from this particular manufacturer, you're buying something good. Get yourself a mug or a bowl, pick up a good brush and razor, and get ready for a great experience taming your facial hair. It's really worth it to learn how to do it right and this is one of the basic items you'll need.

    Size: 2.25 oz and 1.5" in diameter.

    Scent: Almond

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