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    Col Conk offers something here that really harkens back to the old days. It's a shaving soap, fortified with vitamin D and-based in glycerin that offers a very smooth result. If you already have a mug, this product is 3 inches in diameter, so it should fit the vast majority of the bowls and mugs out there. Lather this up with a brush and you will not be disappointed with what happens.

    The bay rum scent is very old school, but also delightfully modern in a way. It's got that sort of appeal to it that makes you think about when men tended to take a bit better care of themselves, right down to the fragrances that they used. If you have a craving to treat yourself that well, this is a product that you should look at. This will hold up for a long time, you'll get plenty of great shaves out of it and, if you have easily irritated skin, products like this can make a huge difference in how grooming turns out for you. Use a good aftershave and you shouldn't have any trouble with razor burn or rash and you'll look and feel great.

    Size: 3.75 oz and 3" in diameter.

    Scent: Bay Rum

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