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    Bay rum is a scent that really never goes out of style. It does have a tropical feel to it, just as you might imagine, but it's not frivolous at all. It smells like high quality, classic fragrance. Col Conk just doesn't make anything that isn't of the highest quality and this soap is great stuff. It contains avocado oil, some vitamin E and is a glycerin-based formulation, so the lubrication is excellent. It lathers up very well and you can be absolutely assured that the aroma from this does not smell cheap. This is not your average drugstore product.

    This cake is 2.25 ounces and 1.5 inches in diameter making perfect for smaller bowls. For people who have sensitive skin, the ingredients that they use in the products that protect them from their razor really matter. If you do have trouble with developing razor rash, getting nicked a lot and other issues, it might be that you're using something a bit too light. If you're using something from a grocery store or from a drugstore, you're simply using an option that is cheap and inadequate. Upgrade to something like this and you'll never want to go back.

    Size: 2.25 oz and 1.5" in diameter.

    Scent: Bay Rum

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