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    This Col Conk Styptic Pencil is a handy tool to have around. It's very compact, only 1.5 inches in size and is great if you happen to be one of those guys who tend to cut up your face a lot when you're shaving. As a tip on that, change your razor blades.

    This product contains aluminum sulfate, which is what is traditionally used in the barbershop products of this nature. Instead of sticking little pieces of toilet paper all over your face in the morning, use this when you nick yourself and the bleeding will stop right away. This allows you to walk out of the bathroom without looking like you just got into an argument with a blender.

    A lot of men have trouble with cuts, nicks and abrasions when they shave. One of the best ways to avoid this is to make certain that you're using quality products. Use a good lubricant- such as soap or a cream- use a sharp, fresh razor and make certain that you use an aftershave to tone your skin after you're done. Those all provide great prevention, but this provides a 1.5 inch cure if you happen to give yourself a bit of a cut.

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