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    Col Conk offers a 2.25 oz refill, which should tell you right away that this watertight travel container isn't something that's meant to just be used and tossed away. It comes with an amber scented soap in it, which is perfect for just about everybody. The fragrance is somewhat outdoorsy, while being reserved and elegant at the same time. It's one of the aromas that have consistently been popular in men's products for a very long time.

    This keeps the product away from water entirely, so you don't have to worry if you actually happen to be traveling somewhere or you might be roughing it for a while. Just because you're doing that doesn't mean you have to be rough on your skin. There are all kinds of items available to take out on the road and make sure that you can take care of yourself properly and this is definitely one of the good ones. This manufacturer has a great reputation and this is the exact same item that they sell for use with regular mugs in a standard home grooming set up.

    Made in the USA.

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