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    • A wash for beard or body
    • No harsh chemicals, No harsh detergents
    • Made in the USA

    Just because you want a rugged image doesn't mean that you should be using items that are genuinely rough on your body. This Cowboy Comb Conditioning Beard Wash is ideal for washing out your facial hair, but it works anywhere. It's made out of goat's milk, so it is very easy on the skin. And it has conditioning elements in it that make it even more so. It is a 100% natural product, so you don't have to worry that you're putting anything nasty on your body. No harsh chemicals, No harsh detergents.

    One of the best things about natural soap is that it tends to cause far less irritation than the deodorant varieties. If you want to use better products all around, you want to take a look at what kind of sponges and other cleaning items you're using and make certain that they're not drying, scratching or otherwise irritating your flesh. Switch over to less chemical laden products and you'll notice a significant difference in a short amount of time. You'll just feel clean, not like you just got run through car wash. Leave the rough riding to the range and enjoy the luxurious lather of Cowboy Comb Conditioning Beard Wash whenever you groom.

    Size: 3.5 oz (100g)

    Made in the USA

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