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BOGO 20% Off On Taylor Of Old Bond Street. Use Code TOBS20
BOGO 20% Off On Taylor Of Old Bond Street. Use Code TOBS20

D.R. Harris Arlington Bath Soap

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There are two big problems with the cheap bath bars you'll find in grocery stores and drugstores. One, they don't last long at all. They might come at a discount, but the money you do spend ends up literally circling the drain in no time at all. Second, they are bad for your skin. If you find yourself putting on lotion constantly, you might want to take a look at D.R. Harris Arlington Bath Soap as an alternative, because it is what a good cleanser should be.The fragrance is pleasant and clean and also very manly. It has almond in it. This really helps to keep moisture in. If you're showering a lot and using harsh deodorant products on your skin, you can actually destroy your appearance rather than make it better. This product allows you to keep that moisture locked in, but it does a great job of getting the dirt off, as well.This soap comes in a 200g size that will last a very long time. It's triple-milled, which means that it will last much longer than even the generous bar size would indicate. This is great product for anyone who wants to make bathing better, and not as harsh on the skin. Remember that high end bath products really preserve overall appearance.

Size: 200g

Made in England