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    The D.R. Harris Arlington Shampoo Bar comes in a 50g size. It's not only economical; it's good for the planet. The parts that you use up get washed down the drain and you can reuse the tin when you're done. The tin also provides a great option for travel. This cleanser isn't a liquid, so there's no need to worry about it opening and spilling out all over your luggage like travel-sized products can do sometimes.

    This product is made for normal hair. It has a classic scent to it that's pleaseant, but it doesn't overwhelm and doesn't make you smell like detergent or other harsh cleaners. Think natural, healthy, and clean and you'll have a great idea of how this smells. With a gentle shampoo like this one, you can wash your locks on a daily basis and not have to worry about stripping all the oil out, leaving you with a lot of flyaways, split ends and other issues that negatively affect your appearance.

    Get all the matching scented grooming products in theArlington line.

    Size: 50g

    Made in England.

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